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Wuxi Jing Rong Hu Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd was established in 2002, is located in the scenic Taihu Lake in Wuxi. Annual production of 10--20 million to hook. Since the establishment of the company, obtained the domestic and foreign customers praise, with its sharp hook hook tip, super tensile hook and super seawater corrosion resistance superior performance and is famous at home and abroad. The company has international top technology hook manufacturing engineers and excellent sales team. Quality is the life of enterprise, service is the soul of enterprise, Jing Rong Hu hook will be more excellent performance and appearance of the new and old customers service Yu Hai.

The company mainly produces hooks, fishing rod, bait, bait fishing tackle products false metal. Production of varieties from freshwater and marine fish hook with a single hook to the progressive development of the three anchor hook, hook, tuna hook insects such as hundreds of hook, hook hook tip static Rong lake has sharp thorn angle is moderate, the body strong tradition characteristic, won the overwhelming majority of fishing enthusiasts and fisherman's friends around the world favor. Customers all over on both sides of the Changjiang River, Carrefour, Auchan supermarket also has signed a contract with the company, to establish long-term cooperative relationships.

The company introduced a large number of technical experts and researchers, manufacturing and transformation of key equipment fishing hooks, and realizes the full automation semi automated production, part of the hook; adopts fully automatic mesh belt quenching, tempering; realize the chemical polishing; using the automatic rotary hanging plating, full automatic pulsator hanging new plating process the surface coating, and the use of special treatment. Color diversity, have thick sense, especially metal sub light coating, can be called a must.